versione italiana Web-based Management and Representation of Spatial and Geographic Data

The Project

The SPADA@WEB project aims at developing an integration, management, and visualization system for spatial and geographical data, distributed within a Web environment and possibly heterogeneous, and able to support data accesses from both fixed and mobile clients.

The development of the proposed systems is motivated by the need of building tools able to make available spatial and geographical data to applications in a Web-like environment, and to integrate the various data today available in various information sources across the Web.

Such an integration system will thus have to provide proper data modeling tools and data definition languages, as well as efficient data transmission techniques across computer networks, and tools for data protection in distributed systems.

It is also important to note that spatial and geographical information, because of their complexity, require large data volumes for their representation. An efficient management of such data, taking into account their specificity, is thus crucial in order to enable their effective use in a Web-like environment. It is in addition important to note that several advanced applications, such as systems for location management, require access to such data also from mobile systems. It is therefore necessary to develop a system architecture that makes it possible accessing data not only from the traditional fixed clients, but also from clients on mobile systems.

The project, launched in December 2003, will last 2 years, and it will end in December 2005.

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