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The complexity and the expanding scale of most design processes that take place in today’s world require more comprehensive knowledge than any single expert can possess. In order to work collaboratively and reach common goals, experts from different disciplines have to share their specialized knowledge, skills, and practices. Cultural Heritage is a field where technology is making great strides. In this field, technology is no longer used only for management purposes but also for the creation of powerful software tools in support of advanced research.

Since important recent researches have recognized the need to enlarge the level of community involvement in creating and enriching cultural knowledge, the purpose of this workshop is to bring together several domain experts to discuss the importance of the use of creativity methods and tools in interdisciplinary projects in cultural heritage. Understanding, capturing, supporting creative processes for developing domain-oriented habitable environments, needs to study how to enable collaborations between interdisciplinary communities of practices. In fact, the knowledge related to a specific domain is tacitly distributed among all the people who live and work in it. They are all required to communicate and collaborate by sharing their knowledge but their variety leads to the rise of communication gaps: they all have different cultural backgrounds, play different roles in their organizations, and use different notations and languages to express their knowledge and wisdom.

In this way, the individuals’ creativities merge with each other giving birth to a more wide social creativity that could represent the answer for dealing with complexity in interdisciplinary design teams. In this frame, this one-day workshop is aimed at investigating methods and at designing tools to support communication among different communities of practice and to foster creative processes in collaborative interdisciplinary projects in cultural heritage.

To this aim the intended audience will be made of experts both in cultural domain – e.g. archaeologists, historians, artists – and in technology/science – e.g. computer scientists, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) experts, software designers, cognitive psychologists, architects, and geologists.

This workshop could offer the chance to create a network of people belonging to academic world as well as to the industry and public administration to develop further interdisciplinary projects in cultural heritage domain.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Methods, tools and techniques for supporting creative design processes in cultural heritage projects.
  • Methods, tools and techniques for observing and studying creative design processes in cultural heritage projects.
  • Creativity by interdisciplinary teams, organizations, and communities.
  • Creative Design for Innovation in interdisciplinary projects in cultural heritage.
  • Digital Culture and Cultural Heritage: New Technologies, New Channels, New Culture.
  • Case studies and experiences illustrating the role of creativity in design in cultural heritage projects.

Important Dates

Workshop: October 4th

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