AVI 2010

EUD4Services Workshop

In conjunction with AVI 2010

Rome, Italy - May 25, 2010


  • Costabile, M.F., De Ruyter, B., Mehandjiev, N., Mussio, P.: Introduction PDF
  • Barricelli, B.R., Mussio, P., Valtolina, S., Padula, M., Scala, P.L., Piccinno, A.: Visual Workflow Composition through Semantic Orchestration of Web Services PDF, workshop presentation PDF
  • Calefato, C., Frumento, E., Milani, M., Montanari, R.: Seeing the Self in the Washing Machine: the Deep Affordance of 2.0 Philosophy in the Household Appliance Domain PDF, workshop presentation PDF
  • Coutaz,J., Fontaine, E., Mandran, N., Demeure, A.: About Composing Our Own Smart Home PDF, workshop presentation PDF
  • Fogli, D., Parasiliti Provenza, L., Colosio, S.: Metadesigning e-Government Services: A Case Study in a Local Agency PDF, workshop presentation PDF
  • Heil, A., Smith, M.J., Brändle, A.: Future Development Environments for Computational Scientists PDF
  • Locatelli, M.P., Simone, C.: A Community Based Metaphor Supporting EUD within Communities PDF, workshop presentation PDF
  • Lombardi, J.P., Vogel, J., Dübon, K.: Wizard-based Process Modeling for Business Users PDF, workshop presentation PDF
  • Paternò, F., Santoro, C., Spano, L.D.: User Task-based Development of Multi-device Service-oriented Applications PDF, workshop presentation PDF
  • Wajid, U., Namoune, A., Mehandjiev, N.: A Comparison of Three Service Composition Approaches for End Users PDF, workshop presentation PDF


  • Lombardi, J.P.: Evaluation survey for Lightweight Process Modelling (LPM) PDF
  • Narganes, M, Danado, J., Ricca, P.: m:Ciudad: A Metropolis of Ubiquitous Services PDF, poster PDF